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Sky-Watcher AZ4-2

Art.nr: SK20216

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For montering av stjernekikkerter. Altasimut-montering (alt–azimuth mount).

Fra produsentens engelske presentasjon: 
The much anticipated Sky-Watcher AZ4 Alt-Azimuth mount is set to be a hit with astronomers and terrestrial observers alike.  The design features separate clutches on both the Altitude and Azimuth axes and a panning arm, which can be fixed in two separate positions. The movements are buttery-smooth and telescopes can be manipulated with effortless precision. Telescope OTA’s attach to the mount via a standard Sky-Watcher dovetail bar. Also supplied with this mount is an L-bracket which allows the easy attachment of a spotting scope or camera. Supplied with 1.75” stainless steel legs for maximum strength and stability. Maximum recommended payload: Sky-Watcher D150/F1200 Reflector (Explorer-150PL)