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Manfrotto videohode MHXPRO-2W

Art.nr: MHXPRO-2W
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Oljedempet, 2-veis hode med Manfrottos raske hurtigfestesystem hvor hurtigfesteplate 200PL klikkes på plass på hodet. Plata fjernes med hendel som er knyttet opp mot ei springfjær som får plata til å sprette opp. Friksjonen i hodet er justerbar. Hodets sokkel har 3/8" gjengehull.

Hodet monteres på alle fotostativer, uansett fabrikat.

1 stk Manfrotto hurtigfesteplate 200PL er inkludert.



Engelsk presentasjon
The new XPRO fluid head is be the best choice for photographers wanting to start shooting videos to expand their creativity. It’s also the best fit for birdwatchers who are using lightweight scopes to observe wildlife and digiscoping through an additional camera and need fluid heads that move constantly.

The XPRO fluid head is the only lightweight video head with fluidity selector: this makes it possible to switch between hard and soft fluidity according to the preferred speed of tilt movement and to the kind of gear used. Its fluid cartridge settings ensure stable videos can be made with any photo lens. Its AdaptoTechnopolymer and Aluminum body make the XPRO fluid head extremely easy to carry: weighing a mere 0.7 kg and supporting up to 4 kg of payload, it introduces a new design approach that enhances video head transportability.


The new MHXPRO-2W comes with the Manfrotto 200 pl plate, the most widespread photographic plate, which guarantees a quick setup and a quick switch from photo to video.


The XPRO fluid head is made in Italy by Manfrotto.



Spesifikasjoner, engelsk



3/8'' female thread attachment type
bubble spirit level (no.) 1 number
Center Of Gravity 55 mm 
Color black color
front tilt -60° / +90° tilt range
independent pan lock yes 
independent tilt lock yes 
material Adapto and aluminium 
pan bars included (no.) 1 number
pan drag fluid cartridge with fixed drag 
panoramic rotation 360 degrees
plate type quick release - with 1/4-20'' screw 
quick release yes 
Safety Payload Weight 4 kg
secondary safety system yes 
tilt drag variable (2 steps) 
safety payload 4 kg
weight 0.760 kg
working height 10 cm